This book is a short story about the life of a boy, Daniel, who experienced many misfortunes during his childhood after his father’s death. As a result, he was in and out of school because his mother could not pay his school fees all the time. He had two sisters who suffered the same fate. By a stroke of luck, his late father’s longtime friend who was in America came to Nigeria for a vacation and learnt of his friend’s passing away. When he visited the family to sympathize with them, he discovered that his late friend’s children were not in school because their mother could not afford to pay their school fees. To lessen the burden of the family, he took one of the children, Daniel, to America and trained him. On graduation, Daniel worked in a multinational company in America as a civil engineer and became super rich. He returned to Nigeria and established a civil engineering company. The whole family became rich and lived a good life.

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