On Tuesday, August 27th, 1895, Colonel John Rhodes, an Englishman with impeccable intelligence credentials and military experience is summoned to the Department of the Interior in Washington DC to be appointed as a US Federal Marshal with the unusual request of investigating a serious situation developing in Shasta County in Northern California. He is to delve into the troubling mystery of the disappearance of three previous Deputy Marshals and the local sheriff in inexplicable circumstances while investigating a series of illegal lynching.To add to the problem, there are strong rumors of a new gold strike in the sacred mountains belonging to the Shasta tribe. If John cannot prevent another uncontrolled gold rush it would mean an all-out war with the native population and probable obliteration.On the Pullman Express from New York to San Francisco on Wednesday 28th August, 1895 Colonel Rhodes meets Bolete Forster, the strong-minded daughter of the wife of the Chief of the Shasta Tribe and the local Danish landowner Erik Forster the second. The 29-year-old is returning home to the Shasta tribe having left home ten years earlier to Europe where she’s studying for her medical degree paid for by her rich Grandfather Forster living in New York. Rhodes and Bolete’s encounter under traumatic circumstances draws them close together for the four-day journey and the rest of their immediate future.

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January 4,2020